Compo1flat1Welcome to the Summer Wine Exhibition

The entrance to the exhibition has been changed to make it easier for visitors to access the exhibition from the shop. Go past the wellies and to your left is a display cabinet of now unavailable books, one of his hats and the original music score written by Ronnie Hazlehurst. There is a staircase with a handrail and there are 8 steps from the shop to the first room of the exhibition.

Before buying your ticket, if you wish, you can walk up the famous steps and take a look at Compo’s brown door and empty ferret cage (they left when he left in 1999!), this is directly below Nora Batty’s blue door, number 28!

Preferably, you start your journey in the third room, Compo’s House (the other side of the brown door!). Here you will not only find his disreputable sleeping garments hanging up, but fascinating props from the show including Compo’s Submarine (upperiscope!), a rather large inflatable fat lady and the mangle which somehow crashed on top of the police car.

The main display room is a real treasure trove of Summer Wine memories, appealing not only to dedicated Summer Wine fans but just about anyone, and all age groups.

There is a video featuring famous clips from the series (lookout for that submarine and inflatable doll!) plus some hilarious out-takes - where things did not work out exactly as planned - introduced by Bill Owen.

There is an incredible range of photographs and display information capturing the many characters and situations from the show - and even the world famous matchbox which used to scare the more-sensitive cast-members with one quick glimpse of the contents. We never did find out for sure what Compo kept in his matchbox - but the guesses keep coming in.

The first or final room, depending whether you are entering or leaving the exhibition, is a treasure trove for Summer Wine buffs. Displays include a "Who's Who" of over 60 Summer Wine characters, a "Timeline "of events from 1972 to 2010, a full list of all the episodes and a "Big Summer Wine Map" showing lots of local locations used in the programmes.

The series ended in 2010 following 295 episodes broadcast over 37 years. The show continues to be aired everyday on satellite TV around the world with young and old enjoying the gentle and everlasting humour.

You exit the exhibition the same way as you came in via the Gift Shop, stocked with unique and interesting souvenirs from the show and Holmfirth, including postcards, toffees and fudge, coasters, fridge magnets, mugs and much much more.

A little history

Back in the early 1970s, the sleepy Pennine town of Holmfirth was turned head over heels by the introduction of three rascally men, joined over the years by a mix of equally amusing and varied characters.

Last of the Summer Wine is the longest-running comedy series on television, with fans all over the Globe, particularly the United States, where they have fallen in love with the gentle charm, Yorkshire humour and rolling countryside.

The dramatic beauty of the Pennine moorlands, featuring quaint villages, dry stone walls and beautiful cottages, is an added bonus to the mischievous antics TV viewers have come to expect from the Summer Wine characters.

The late Bill Owen, who played the lovable and famous rogue Compo, described himself as an adopted “Holmfirther”, for a time living in the town, and lending his name and support to many local worthy and charitable causes.

He was also heavily involved in the creation and design of the Summer Wine Exhibition in conjunction with local Summer Wine photographer Malcolm Howarth. The BBC supported the venture with props and equipment, and Bill was keen to make sure the Exhibition faithfully represented the programme, and provided an interesting and memorable feature for visitors.

The exhibition was officially opened by Compo on Easter Saturday, 1996, the 25th anniversary of the programme.

The premises are situated in a delightful part of Holmfirth, next to the most famous steps in the country, those leading to the cottage of the fearsome Nora Batty, the sight of whose wrinkled stocking legs used to bring a wicked gleam to Compo’s every hopeful eye.

The exhibition also incorporates Compo’s house, as seen in the TV series.

We hope to see you soon.


Adults £3.00, 16 & under £1.50
5 & under free with paying adult.

Coach parties welcome:please contact us for advance bookings.